Dr. Eirini Habib

Dr. Eirini graduated in Medicine from Alexandria University, Egypt in 1992. She has been working since then as a GP across Egypt, the Emirates, and Australia.
She has vast knowledge across a broad range of general medical conditions, with a particular interest in Women’s health, children’s health, and nutrition.

Dr. Eirini is also fluent in Arabic.

Dr. Moayad Al Kaptan

Dr. Moayad Al Kaptan graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree from the Al-Mustansiriya University in Iraq, in 1990. He moved to Australia and received his Australian Medical Council (AMC) certificate in 2012. Dr. Al Kaptan is an experienced healthcare professional with a wide array of expertise when it comes to general practice.

His special interests include skin cancer and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Al Kaptan is passionate about his craft as a medical practitioner and takes patient health very seriously. He believes that fostering trust can lead to better treatment outcomes.

Dr. Samier Farah

Dr Sam graduated from medical college in Sudan in 2006 with a master’s degree in international community health from the University of Oslo in Norway – 2010.
He has worked in Australia across the whole board of health settings; Metro hospitals in different locations, with Country health hospitals – in different locations, and as a GP.
Working in other parts of the health system, he understands its particulars and how it all works. This experience has contributed to an improved set of medical knowledge and skills.
Dr. Sam has worked in many countries including Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Ireland.
He enjoys outdoor activities and sports, mainly soccer.

Dr. Ahmad Abdulhadi